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Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

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Embrace the essence of love with our exquisite 'Be My Valentine' candle. This captivating fragrance combines the top notes of Peach, Grapefruit, and Apple, followed by the enchanting middle notes of Cherry Blossom and Hydrangea. The base notes of Powder and Vanilla add a touch of warmth, creating a truly beautiful and lovely aroma that embodies the spirit of Valentine's Day.


NET WEIGHT: 8.5 oz


HEIGHT: 3.75''

Burning Time 55 - 60+ Hours


NET WEIGHT: 7.2 oz

DIAMETER: 2.88’’

HEIGHT: 3.5’’

Burning Time 45+ Hours 

  • Our candle tops feature a captivating core of heart-shaped wax, adorned with delicate accents of pink roses and dried orange peels.
  • Each candle is hand-poured by us. They are made with 100% natural soy wax and the best and safest fragrance oils that are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and phthalate-free for your home.
  • Each candle contains one cotton wick; they are lead and zinc-free.
  • All candles are handmade in small batches to ensure top quality.
  • Our candles are poured into thick glass jars.
  • These candles are perfect for larger spaces like living rooms, offices, bedrooms, and more. These glass candles bring a unique and special touch to your space and can be part of any kind of decor. Furthermore, this beautiful container may be reused once your candle burns out.
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