Hello there! My name is Paola. My husband, Matt, and I are the co-owners of Daisy's Design Products Inc. I take care of the production and my husband oversees the logistics, which is amazing. 

​Since I was a child I’ve loved handmade items. Maybe it’s because I’ve always been a creative person. I was inspired to try making my own candles while watching a movie. However, the first time I tried it things did not come out as I had envisioned. The learning process was difficult and more laborious than anticipated, but that is what ultimately sparked my love for the craft. 

In our process we discovered that we have a desire to keep our candle production natural- working with only high-quality and natural materials to ensure our candles are the best for our customers. Furthermore, we are working on other handmade products that we will launch throughout 2023. 

​The name Daisy’s Design Products was inspired by our family dog, Daisy! She is the center of attention at home, and also an important member of the family. When brainstorming names for our business we kept coming back to our love for Daisy. The fact that my favorite flowers are wild daisies made the choice even easier. 


Paola & Matt 


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