NATURALLY SIMPLE: Daisy's Design Products Inc. was started with the desire to bring top quality natural products to its customers. We wanted to step away from chemical producing candles that are harmful over time. In the future we are looking to add more homemade products to our line. We hope joy and peace radiates from the homes that welcome the light of our candles!


Our luxury candle line is designed and handmade by Daisy's Design Products Inc. They are made with natural soy wax, cotton wicks and high quality fragrance oils. 

If you appreciate natural products and have a desire for great smelling candles, these are prefect for you!

  • Meli B.

    In love!

    I purchased the rose petal candles and they smell amazing. The packaging is cute and high quality. I can notice that the owners have paid attention to every detail of the product.I’d def buy again!

  • Emma

    Great!Bought some candles in person at a local flea market, the owners are the nicest people. Such lovely candles that smell AMAZING! The scent is strong enough to be able to smell it but not overpowering. Candles don’t get much better!

  • Monika Martinez

    Highly recommended! This has to be by far my favorite candle. I can smell the candle in my entire house from first to second floor. Definitely my new fall favorite! Great quality! 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for a candle that smells absolutely delicious.

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